Will silk catch the ball?

Will silk catch the ball? Today, a customer asked me, I really can't answer it at the same time, because I really can't be sure. There has been no customer to tell us that the clothes I bought are pilling, so I can't answer the customer casually. So I also quickly did my homework and checked the information.

Relatively speaking, the main factors affecting fabric pilling are:

1. Length of fiber: fabrics woven from longer fibers are lighter than fabrics woven from shorter fibers; due to the small number of fiber ends per unit length, there are fewer fiber ends on the exposed yarn and fabric surface; The cohesion between the fibers is large, and the fibers are not easily slipped out onto the surface of the yarn and the fabric.

Silk fabric is made of mulberry silk and belongs to long fibers.

 2. Cross-sectional shape of the fiber: The cross-sectional shape of the fiber is close to a circular shape, and the cohesive force between the fibers is small, and the fiber having a cross-sectional shape close to a triangle or a polygonal shape is easy to pilling.

The silk is a cross section that presents an irregular triangle.
 3. Fiber strength, elongation and elasticity: fiber strength, high elongation, easy to break off when rubbed, and easy to entangle into a ball after fluffing.

The strength of mulberry silk may be relatively weak, but its elongation and elasticity are better in the fiber.
4. Yarn twist: The yarn twist is large, the fibers are tightly bound, and the degree of fabric pilling is reduced.

This is not certain because there is no specific objective standard.
5. Structure of the fabric: The knitted fabric is easier to pilling than the woven fabric.

Our fabrics use instrument weaving technology.

Therefore, based on the above analysis, our silk fabrics basically do not pilling.
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