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After-sales tracking of foreign trade--silk fabric

Foreign trade has been done for a long time, and there are many orders, but in many cases there are no customers who have turned back. After the foreign trade customer completes the order in their own store, we are anxious to deliver the goods, prepare the goods, fill out the form, package and deliver. After the goods are sent away, they wait for the customer's receipt and customer feedback, and then... there is no more.
     If you want to get better orders and more customers in the foreign trade industry, you must learn to keep track of customers who have already placed orders. After shipping, you will estimate when the customer will receive the goods, and then communicate and ask the customer's ideas according to the situation. Let them feel that your shop is formal, there is a series of after-sales service tracking, trustworthy. This will leave some good impressions on the customer.

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