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The difference between mulberry silk and tussah silk

The silk is the silk of the silkworm. The silk is the silk of the wild silkworm. The silk of the silk is fine, white, soft and elastic. The fibers are fine and well-proportioned. The silk of the silk is relatively hard and the thickness is uneven. It has a gray-blue color.
These two kinds of silk are not good or bad, mainly to see what the style of the finished product is. Generally speaking, the application of mulberry silk is more extensive, and it is the first choice for making clothing, such as plain satin, georgette, and double eyes. Power spinning and so on. The tussah silk is mainly used for silk quilts and silk rugs. In terms of price, since silkworms need artificial breeding, the cost of input is large, and the demand is large, so the price is higher than that of tussah silk.

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