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How to choose the right silk skirt

Silk skirts come in a variety of styles, including dresses, petticoats, skirts, trousers, waist skirts, etc. Due to space limitations, Xiaobian selects some of the more common types on the market to introduce how to choose the right type of silk fabric.
NO 1. Silk long skirt - chiffon
This series uses silk chiffon on a large scale.
But not limited to the rigid single black, the gray strips focus more on the eyes,
There is a bit of thought in the details of the split, releasing the mature sensibility of the woman.
Fabric: 100% silk Silk chiffon
Texture features: light and elegant, soft and smooth, natural drape, good skin feeling, that is excellent!
NO 3. Silk dress - georgette
Recommend this paragraph to love the free and easy parents
Translucent, is the character of Joey, hey, is a beauty that can keep your eyes closed.
Lightweight fits into the skirt, freely reflected in the gesture
The skirt is fluttering, and the swaying design is beautiful.
Fabric: 100% silk georgette
Hemp yarn feels, the texture is light and the chest contour.

The pattern is dotted with it, and the fashion personality is not.

Good breathability and ethereality make you back to the light girl.

NO 3. Silk dress - plain satin
European and American version of the Chinese style!
The red flower is no longer the patent of the square dance aunt!
Whether it's a shuttle bus or a quiet street, it makes the other scenery eclipse, because the real scenery is unique!
Fabric: 100% silk silk satin
1. The star variety in silk fabrics, when it comes to satin, the first thing that comes out of people's minds is the style of plain satin.
2, Chinese wind ink printing gives the clothes a unique aura.
3, tailored version, very wide and elegant, round neck design, showing women sexy clavicle, elegant atmosphere.

NO 4. Silk dress - double eyes
There must be a fan at home, and a dog must have a model.
Not every weekend to go to dinner, go cycling, go to the suburbs, go to the tennis court, go to the bar to be full, in the golden sun filled afternoon to seriously organize their nest, is not a pleasure?
There is no exaggerated split, no modification to pursue stunning eyes.
Big square, elegant and decent
The belt is not eye-catching, but it is more practical. It is good to wear on the body.
Fabric: 100% silk double 绉
Because it is made into a print, the thickness will not exceed 18 m,
The indulgent nature of the matte and the design of this skirt complement each other.
However, it is also a technical task to protect the silk skirt. It is recommended to directly squirt the water and then squeeze the water to dry it. The ventilation is dry and dry. If you are worried about hanging the clothes for a long time, you can fold it on the top layer.
Do not put mothballs, nail polish, wind oil, medical alcohol, etc. in the wardrobe of silk clothing.
NO 5. Silk dress - heavy double eyes
If you don't really like the mature style, then try this.
Short-sleeved shoulders cut, the back collar is cut, the cutting technique is very docile, the skirt is A-shaped, the hem is stitched with romantic ruffles, the skirt is long to the knee, comfortable to wear, plus classic black, age At the same time, you can also take care of the high-end taste, and you can't miss the dress!
The classic round neck, the narrow neckline of the neckline, the smooth and smooth lines of the craftsmanship, meticulous and simple.
Even with the sleeves cut, when you wear it, you can't see the seams of the sleeves. The whole is like a plane. It is a very high-end and time-consuming design point. It is also very difficult to splicing multiple angles during sewing.
Whether a dress is upscale or not is reflected in such details.
The narrow and narrow piping of the cuffs, the high-grade appearance consistent with the neckline, full of three-dimensional
Fabric: 100% silk heavy double 绉 (≥18 m)
No need to bran the fabric, it can be perceived at the beginning, very thick,
The market is difficult to see, the tight texture of the skin is visible, and the appearance is quite high.
It has both a drooling sensation and a wrinkle-like style.
It feels dry and very skin-friendly.
The elastic fiber is added to the fabric to increase the wearing degree. The dress is interpreted and interpreted.
NO 6. Silk dress - double Joe
Simple and small dress, it is synonymous with elegance, nobleness and style, simple and generous beauty
Its beauty does not need to be complicated and does not need to be modified.
Round neck straight skirt, finely cut, with a comfortable and comfortable fit
Elegant and charming
Classic black and white, simple style design
Take a circle of black, contrast combination, rich details, small face and light age
The body is white and black with a golden ratio
Improve the visual perception, lining up the proportion of the body is tall and slim
Fabric: 100% silk heavy double Joe
1. In the silk fabric, double Joe is a very individual breed. The luster is between the plain satin and the double crepe. That is to say, the double Joe is not as flamboyant as the satin, but it is not too low-key like the double scorpion. .
2, the feeling of double Joe is better than double, the double squat because of the special sensation of the surface feels a little rustling feeling, and the double Joe surface is relatively flat, so it is more smooth and soft, and even has the illusion of soft boneless.
3, in addition to the excellent feel, it should be said to talk about the drape of double Joe.

NO 7. Silk dress - sand wash satin
Spring and summer must recommend one of the TOP 5 dresses

The upper body is beautiful, the goddess Fan has it!
It’s very high in wear, because you will always wear her in the summer.
Simple and generous, commuting can be seen in the office building with high heels.
Or you can call her lazy skirt,
A long summer set can go out, very convenient!
A good dress also looks at the overall effect, do not underestimate the attached elastic silk dress, smart and elegant, away from tightness, not too comfortable!
Fabric: 100% silk silk satin
Treatment process: sand washing
1. The choice is a good quality silk, which is considered to be a moderate thickness in the summer.
As a dress can not be too thin, this can not be too thick or lose the sense of elegance and drape.
2, after washing, the hand will be more soft, skin-friendly,
It weakens the brilliance of satin silk, which is more low-key and shrinks.
3, in addition to the "anti-static" treatment on the finishing,
I have always hated the dress on the body, and the shape of the thigh is very embarrassing. After doing this treatment, the problem is solved.

NO 8. Silk dress - heavy sand wash double 绉
Sleeveless vest-style long skirt, simple style. The design of the drawstring belt at the waist has become a highlight.
Two narrow ropes at the waist, the heart machine can be designed to change the shape.
/A-LINE casual comfort / or / waist tie with commuter temperament /
This drawstring is not a circle around, but the back body extends forward to the princess line, very clever
Relax the rope, the double straps are naturally falling, simple! Easy!
Fabric: 100% silk, heavy double eyes
Treatment process: sand washing
Simple cut version, nostalgic sand washed fabric
Tighten the straps, waist and suck back, super body!

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