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[See details] Maintenance differences between different silk products in summer

The silk products that we are exposed to in daily life can be divided into frequent use and infrequent use (this is not nonsense). From the shape volume, it can be divided into large and small pieces, if it is from washing method. On the top, it can be divided into three categories, washing, dry cleaning, and no need to clean (oh?). It is precisely because of these differences that the difference in the way different silk products are maintained. Especially in summer.

First look at the frequency of use. Frequently used silk products, such as silk pajamas, silk shirts, silk scarves, etc., such silk products need to be washed and hung frequently, and must be placed in a backlit ventilated place. Silk is very afraid of being exposed to the sun because it is like the skin. Protein, which absorbs ultraviolet light, is also called "second skin", saying that silk sunscreen is actually sacrificing silk to protect the skin. Another one is not to hang for a long time. When drying, you can put it in the clothes net and hang it in a ventilated place.

For silk products that are not commonly used, such as silk ties, silk dresses, silk gloves, etc., these silk products have a relatively low frequency of appearance and do not need to be washed and dried frequently, so they are kept in the closet box, and the place where these silk products are placed must not be placed. Put volatile inorganic liquids such as nail polish, perfume, and wind oil, and do not put items that have chronic damage to silk, such as mothballs, eucalyptus sticks, and sachets.

Then look at the shape volume. Small pieces of silk such as silk goggles, silk scarves, silk masks, etc. can be placed in the lowermost layer of the cabinet when stored, without fear of being crushed or deformed, but the tie and bow are recommended to be placed in a separate grid to avoid deformation.

Large pieces of silk items such as silk four-piece suits, silk coats, etc. should not be hung and stored, because the weight of the product is relatively heavy. If the hanging time is long, it will be easily deformed. Do not fold it and stack a lot of things on it. Pressing the dead stencil will not be worth the loss. .

Finally, from the washing method, the most common washing method is water washing. Of course, we must choose the special detergent for silk. We can not use the detergent of ordinary cotton, polyester, recycled cotton, etc., and can not use washing powder or soap. I think that most of these are alkaline detergents that will wash the silk.

Silk ties, silk gowns, silk gloves and other silk products are usually used less often, and do not need to be cleaned frequently, and washing may also cause the product to be deformed, so the best way to wash is dry cleaning, so that it will not damage the fabric, and don't worry. The problem of washing deformation, and because it is a small item, the cost of dry cleaning will not be too high.

There is also a type of silk product that does not need to be washed, or can not be washed, such as silk quilt, silk curtains, etc., such products should not be washed, silk can not be washed by the core, but it can also be cleaned, many people know that silk can not be put Drying in the sun, so it is considered that the silk can not be dried by the core, in fact, it is ok, but in order not to damage the silk in the core, it is recommended to put on the quilt and then dry, and the sun is almost twice a month.

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